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About Us


Dokich Court Reporters has been providing top quality services to the legal community for more than 30 years. We have worked on numerous high-level, complex cases throughout the United States and abroad.   

Traci Dokich, owner of Dokich Court Reporters, has been a Certified Shorthand Reporter for almost 40 years. Among the first to utilize computer-assisted transcription (CAT) technology in the early ‘80’s, she continues to deliver the latest developments to her top-notch clientele.

Having reported hundreds of depositions in a high-profile case over a ten-year period, she traveled the United States, providing continuity in the largest toxic tort litigation at the time. These were the U.S. and State lawsuits involving the Stringfellow Waste Disposal Site in Riverside, California. After Korean Airlines Flight 007 was shot down by Soviet interceptors in 1983, Traci traveled to Japan to report depositions of the victims’ family members.  

Always on the technological forefront, Traci Dokich initiated the use of real-time reporting, providing yet another unique service to her growing list of clients. As technology has gone forward, Dokich has always been on the cutting edge, while striving to integrate a personalized service with the high demands of the legal profession.   

Our office staff and experienced reporters continue to bring the personal touch to our clients, combined with the latest technology, including Real-Time, LiveNote, E-Transcript, Caseview Net, as well as Online Scheduling, Document Repository, and In-House Video Conferencing.   

Dokich Court Reporters' office is centrally located in Irvine, California. However, we are happy to schedule a deposition and arrange a conference room for you anywhere in the world.

Our longevity in the court reporting business speaks for itself.   

We look forward to working with you.